Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WiFi upgrade

My five year old wifi hardware got flaky and slow, so I looked around and decided to go with the D-Link DIR-825 as my central node and a DAP-1522 to bridge to my TV etc.

They are both N spec dual frequency systems. Arrived today from Amazon for $225 for the pair.

[Update: they are working fine, I have a 130Mbit/s link speed reported on the 5GHz link between the DIR-825 and the DAP-1522, and I've shut down all the old WiFi networks].


  1. Got the DIR-825 installed, works fine, easy manual config, my MacBook Air can see the 5GHz N-spec "media" channel, which is cool, as it seems to have a stronger signal than the 2.4GHz channel.

  2. The DAP-1522 works fine for my LG TV and Xbox, but doesn't want to work with the Slingbox.

  3. I configured a static IP for the slingbox mac address, reset the slingbox and finally it started to work. Now I can have breakfast in bed and watch the F1 qualifying on the TiVo at the same time :-)


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