Monday, April 28, 2008

XE Toolkit 1.2 - new portable performance tools from Rich Pettit

Rich just updated the portable Java based XE tookit, it even runs on mainframes now :-)

Rich (with some contributions from me) wrote many versions of the SE toolkit for Solaris. This is his latest project, please try it out, give him feedback and buy a support contract to encourage him...

Cheers Adrian

Subject: [Xetoolkit-interest] XE Version 1.2 Available

XE Version 1.2 is available in pre-packaged form through the Captive
Metrics online store,

New platforms for 1.2:
AIX (5.3 base)
Linux on Power (IBM pSeries & iSeries)
Linux on s390 (IBM zSeries)

Please report bugs to

Changes since Version 1.1

Bug fixes
Solaris locking problems
Performance improvements in mdr
Locale problems in non-US-English Windows installs
Support for AIX (5.3 base)
Support for Linux on Power (IBM pSeries & iSeries)
Support for Linux on s390 (IBM zSeries)
Code restructuring and use of new "snap" utility
and command-line build for Windows
VirtualGuru rotates log files when the day changes
bbClient groovy script for monitoring BigBrother clients

The source code is available at as an SVN tree.
There will be a web site with "tarballs" eventually. It's not
high on the priority list.

The build process uses "snap", a /bin/sh utility written by me that
generates Makefiles on the fly.

Please support future development by purchasing the package.

Thank you for your continued interest.

Richard Pettit
Captive Metrics Software Corporation
Ph: 8-MONITOR-01