Saturday, March 27, 2010

Garage - Working on Saturday

The concrete team were back today, putting in more rebar and tidying everything up. Chris Ramoutar the Electrician was also here putting in a 2-inch pipe to carry power to the garage. I'm having a high spec 220V and 200Amps dedicated circuit configured so that it's ready to recharge electric cars in the future. I got a work-out clearing up the felled fir tree and chipping the small branches, and collecting large rocks that had been dug up, and arranging them around the pond.

Here's a view from the deck, you can see the apron on the right, and the garage foundation on the left, and Chris working in the trench that takes the power line.

Here's a view from where the driveway will be as it joins the apron, you can see the walkway to the left of the garage.

Later that evening some very confused deer wandered over the foundations, since it has been built over their usual path from the forest out to the front yard.

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