Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Web Services Explained - Solutions and Applications for the Real World by Joe Clabby - Prentice Hall 2002

An introductory primer suitable for less-technical managers, but with good coverage of what the technology is supposed to be for, issues and gotchas.

Developing Enterprise Web Services - An Architects Guide by Sandeep Chatterjee and James Webber - Prentice Hall 2004

Much more in depth and up to date coverage. I'm still reading it, more comments later.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Google of ["web services" benchmark] comes up with a SPEC benchmark development, controversial because price/perf was voted out of the spec, and a Doculabs @Bench evaluation of several platforms

An XML benchmark

SPEC appPlatform

Friday, June 25, 2004

Where should I start...

I googled ["Web services" performance] and got a bunch of nice hits

CA's product is interesting, lets you track the actual performance of public web services. CA seem to be using WSDM to do this.
I'm more interested in characterizing the attributes of web service performance that would lead to capacity planning methods for web services infrastructure.

As I find more about what is the actual state of the art, I'll list links to it here, then start synthesizing and extending off into uncharted territory.

I think I'm down to do a Grid/Web Services tutorial at the CMG04 meeting in Vegas in December so this is a place for me to collect and discuss some of the content in blog form.