Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Solar Power - plan submitted emailed me a very detailed pdf of the plan for 4.5KW on my roof, and submitted it to the County for planning approval today. Meanwhile the house is being re-wired this week for 220V and a 200Amp feed to replace the 110V/100A setup. Also putting in 220V outlets for the kitchen range, hot tub, dryer and hot water heater. Propane tank is now disconnected and I have to go shopping for new appliances...


  1. What advantage does using a 220V vs the existing 110V setup buy you?

  2. You can't run a range, dryer or heat pump off 110V, and when I converted my hot tub to 220V 50A, from 110V 15A its heater runs at 4x the output, and it gets hot quickly, so can be left at a lower temperature when not in use.


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