Saturday, July 25, 2009

Solar Power - Installation Day 1

Here's the house, showing the mounting points and rails on the roof.

Top end of conduit at the roof line.

Bottom end of conduit at the basement level.

Bottom end and A/C shutoff switch on the front of the house at basement/ground level.

A/C shutoff switch. Safety rules mandate that this is easily accessible on the outside of the house.

Inside the basement, showing the connection to the back of the A/C cutoff switch on the right. In the middle is the D/C cutoff switch that has the conduit from the roof routed to it. There will be another D/C shutoff switch on the roof itself, again for safety.

This is the inverter on the left, and the D/C shutoff switch on the right. The pipe coming up carries the phone line into the house.

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