Wednesday, April 07, 2010

IPad makes it hard to embed YouTube in blog

I'm trying to compose a blog post that embeds a YouTube video, but YouTube doesn't want to give me the HTML fragment to embed the video. If you browse to YouTube on an iPad it doesn't show any options to pick up the embed because it renders in "touch" mode. At the bottom of the page I found an option to switch to desktop mode and get the full page. This renders an embed option but doesn't let me select it to copy here.

So I need to use my MacBook to compose posts.

As the iPad moves the boundaries between content consumption and content generation, people need to rethink the functionality of the mobile and iPhone optimized web sites.


  1. You can keep a draft blog post that includes a YouTube embed, then when you need to create a new post on your iPad, simply change the YouTube identification code for the video and then publish your new post.

  2. I also see this as a reason not to buy the iPad i am now testing for a school project. It's very difficult to create websites fully and to keep them well managed with the iPad....

  3. Sometime, I really feel iPad is not so convenient, why they can't function normally like other laptop?sigh


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