Sunday, January 07, 2007

Slingbox-ing my TiVo

As I mentioned before, we got a Slingbox AV this Xmas, and I'm quite impressed. It was easy to setup, has been no trouble since, and now we can watch and control our TiVo from anywhere. The main use we have is to watch programs we have saved on our TiVo from anywhere in the house, and it runs a full TV resolution feed that uses a few Mbit/s to support this on our WiFi based laptop's. When running on a work PC laptop (Dell Inspiron with XP) the performance was very smooth, however on my three year old Apple Powerbook G4 I'm down on CPU power and running a beta-version of the Sling player that seems to need some more tuning. If I kill just about everything else on the Mac, it plays fairly well, but the picture keeps stalling if anything else is running.
I'm hoping that they will do some more tuning to fix this in the final release for the Mac...

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  1. It's an interesting product, right enough.. but have you seen this:


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