Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Apple iPhone Unanswered Questions...

Like everyone else, I think it looks great. The big difference between Apple and other vendors for just about everything they make is craftsmanship, everything else looks sloppy in design and execution in comparison.

So the questions, they really are around whether this is really a pocket OSX machine or a locked down phone that happens to use some parts of OSX.
  • What CPU does it use? Can it run unmodified OSX applications, or do they have to be downsized and ported to a new CPU (Xscale/ARM is what Treo's use)
  • How much memory is there for running applications? The 8GB Flash is basically filesystem space, so there must be some RAM as well.
  • Is it open for more applications to be loaded? For example Firefox, Skype, Slingplayer, OSX Terminal, whatever..... or is it locked down?
  • What is the model for developers to extend the platform?
I'm sure this will become clearer fairly soon, but all the commentary I'm reading is just going "oh wow" and no-one is asking or answering these fundamental questions that have big long term implications...

Anyway, next year's Xmas present request list will have one of these on it!

As an existing Treo650 user, the discussion on the iPhone at TreoCentral is very interesting. They imply that the CPU is an ARM architecture with an additional graphics processor, and that the iPhone is closed and controlled so you can't add applications to it. We'll see how long that lasts, either Apple will open it up or the hackers will have a lot of fun working out how to crack the design, just like they did for the games consoles, TiVo etc.

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  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Thanks for the questions. Had exactly the same ones while seeing their announcement.


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