Wednesday, March 09, 2005

IPQoS Configuration

I found a config file that logs data to the accounting system without
filtering it much, it basically filters by protocol, I just take tcp
and pass it to the flow accounting module. You could add udp and other protocols if needed.

This is installed using

# ipqosconf -a exacct.qos

Where exacct.qos is written as follows

fmt_version 1.0

action {
module ipgpc
name ipgpc.classify
params {
global_stats true
filter {
name tcpfilter
protocol tcp
class allclass
class {
name allclass
next_action acct
enable_stats true
action {
module flowacct
name acct
params {
global_stats true
timer 10000
timeout 10000
max_limit 2048
next_action continue

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  1. Interesting stuff. I was reading through the admin guide on I noticed that it's possible tag packets by UID's and even projects. However, I have not seen any examples of how this is done. Any ideas?


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