Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Configuring IPQoS for flow accounting

I spent some time today working my way through the manuals. What I want is to just have the accounting information about the network flows, with no complex QoS rules and minimum overhead. So far I got it configured, but I'm getting no output. No error messages, but no output - so my machine is giving me some sulky passive agressive treatment :-(

I'm working on a Sun W2100z, which is a dual CPU Opteron system. It came with Solaris 9, but I got Solaris 10 loaded on it by feeding it a bunch of CDs. The hardest part was configuring the graphics display, it defaulted to something horrible with 256 colors. I had to use kdmconfig, but it took me a while to figure out a) that fbconfig is only for SPARC, and that there is an x86 command with a different name. b) that the system I have has a certain kind of NVidia card in it, c) what display resolution my non-Sun LCD screen supports, and d) that if I scrolled up the screen I could find options with 16M colors that look right.

Its a nice box, not too big, fairly quiet, fast.


  1. kdmconfig ? I thought on x86/x64 systems the X display was handled by xorgconfig. kdmconfig is because the JDS on SPARC systems is still using the Sun X server. x86/x64 systems uses the Xorg X server.

  2. On Solaris 9 x86 its kdmconfig, thats what the machine came with. I upgraded to Solaris 10 after a day or so and that uses xorgconfig, and has a better driver for the graphics card. I still think there should be an easier way to figure out how to set this up that is common to all the platforms.


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