Thursday, March 10, 2005

Data from process accounting

The process accounting record is far more detailed than the standard sysV acct record used by most Unix based systems. For a start it includes the pid of the process and the pid of the parent process so you can stitch the records together properly. The Solaris project and task id's let you manage and control workloads effectively, and since microstate accounting is on by default in Solaris 10, the CPU usage numbers are accurate and high resolution. By default everything is in the global zone. Zones are the virtual machine containers used for fault isolation and resource management in Solaris 10, so data needs to be separated by zone as well as workload.

ff group-header [group of 4 object(s)]
1 version 1
2 filetype "exacct"
3 creator "SunOS"
4 hostname "crun"
100 group-proc [group of 34 object(s)]
1000 pid 1748
1001 uid 0 root
1002 gid 0 root
1004 projid 1 user.root
1003 taskid 56
100b cpu-user-sec 0
100c cpu-user-nsec 417258
100d cpu-sys-sec 0
100e cpu-sys-nsec 989267
1007 start-sec 1109813617 03/02/05 17:33:37
1008 start-nsec 139893535
1009 finish-sec 1109813617 03/02/05 17:33:37
100a finish-nsec 152386048
1006 command "acctadm"
100f tty-major 24
1010 tty-minor 4
1011 faults-major 0
1012 faults-minor 0
1014 msgs-snd 0
1013 msgs-recv 0
1015 blocks-in 0
1016 blocks-out 5
1017 chars-rdwr 481
1018 ctxt-vol 2
1019 ctxt-inv 0
101a signals 0
101b swaps 0
101c syscalls 94
101d acctflags 2 SU
101f ppid 1568
1020 wait-status 0 exit
1021 zone "global"
1022 memory-rss-avg-k 996
1023 memory-rss-max-k 29636

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