Friday, December 12, 2014

Interesting Videos from AWS Re:Invent 2014

There are too many, but here are the ones I've watched that I found particularly interesting. I'll add to this list as I find time to watch more of them.

To start with here's my own talk. I'm looking for feedback on it, as it's the first time I've tried this topic and I'm looking for more data to support the concepts I'm discussing.

The "must see" talk for Re:Invent is James Hamilton on Innovation at Scale.

The new EC2 Container Service that supports Docker, described by Deepak Singh

An excellent and entertaining talk on networking optimization by Becky Weiss - learn what SR-IOV means.

EC2 Instance Deep Dive by John Phillips explains HVM and storage path optimization.

The VPC Deep Dive by Kevin Miller talks about some long awaited features such as migration tools from EC2 Classic to VPC.

There were lots of Netflix talks, but from Asgard to Zuul by Ruslan included the announcement of Docker images to make trying out NetflixOSS tools trivial.

One of the most popular talks at the event was Brendan Gregg of Netflix on EC2 Performance Tuning

PFC305 Embracing Failure Fault Injection and Service Reliability - Monkeys and the new FIT failure injection system that replaces Latency Monkey.

More Netflix Talks
BDT403 Next Generation Big Data Platform at Netflix
ARC317 Maintaining a Highly Available Front Door at Massive Scale
PFC304 Effective IPC for Microservices in the Cloud
ENT209 Cloud Migration, DevOps and Distributed Systems
APP310 Using Apache Mesos in the Cloud

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