Sunday, April 07, 2013

Tutorials and Training on Cloud Architecture and NetflixOSS

There are two places that I'm giving in-depth training on cloud architecture and NetflixOSS this year.

On May 22nd-23rd at Gluecon 2013 in Broomfield Colorado I'm giving one of the opening keynote talks that introduces the concepts of a Cloud Native Architecture, then spending all afternoon on a tutorial to go into the details of how to get there and how to use NetflixOSS tools as an on-ramp to accelerate the process.

For people in Europe, I'm teaching at a summer school on "Software for the Cloud and Big Data" September 8th-14th in Italy. It's organized by ETH Zurich. I'll be giving six one-hour talks over a week, and there are seven other speakers.

LASER 2013 banner

When I get back from LASER, it will be time to start evaluating nominations for the NetflixOSS Cloud Prize, and these are both opportunities to figure out how to build a strong entry.

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  1. Hello Adrian,

    Thank you for the talk on building resilient systems and especially for the reading list you recommend in that talk. I had read Taleb before so I knew the list must be worth a look. I have now finished all the five books on the list. All the books except the Release It! blew my mind away although Release It! was also a great read. Do you have other non-fiction books that you have read recently and would recommend to someone with similar interests?


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