Friday, March 16, 2012

Cloud Architecture Tutorial

I presented a whole day tutorial at QCon London on March 5th, and presented subsets at an AWS Meetup, a Big Data / Cassandra Meetup and a Java Meetup the same week. I updated the slides and split them into three sections which are hosted on along with all my other presentations. You can find many more related slide decks at and other information at the Netflix Tech Blog.

The first section tells the story of why Netflix migrated to cloud, how we think about choosing AWS as our cloud supplier and what features of the Netflix site were moved to the cloud over the last three years.

The second section is a detailed explanation of the globally distributed Java based Platform as a Service (PaaS) we built, the open source components that we depend on, and the open source projects that we have started to share at

The final section talks about how we run these PaaS services in the cloud, and includes details of our million writes per second scalability benchmark.

If you would like to see these slides presented in person, I'm teaching a half day cloud architecture tutorial at Gluecon in Broomfield Colorado in May 23-24th. I hope to see you there...


  1. Good stuff. Part 3 is a little hard to read: apparently every word containing 'ti' has 'R' instead... "transacRon", "opRon", etc.

  2. Great insight into cloud architecture, Thanks


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