Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Moving Planet - Day of Action Saturday 24th Sept

There is a world-wide movement coordinated by the global warming action group which has set this coming Saturday as a day of action to raise awareness.

You can find an event near you at the Moving Planet Site. Many of the events are based around bike rides.

For people local to the bay area, there is also a large Electric Vehicle car show in Palo Alto organized by the Electric Auto Association of Silicon Valley, where people can see and get rides in electric cars like the Nissan Leaf. The electric world speed record holding 216mph Lightning Motorbike should also be there.

We have been having a lot of fun driving our Nissan Leaf, we use it almost every day, and going back to a conventional car seems so broken. What's this gearbox thing and why does it keep having to change gear? The quiet instant torque of direct drive electric power is addictive. At last count there are six Nissan Leaf's parked at Netflix every day. We have several chargers for people who need a top up, but most of us just charge at home.

For more mainstream activities, the San Jose Mercury is also organizing a big car show in central San Jose on the same day,, they have a Fisker hybrid on their poster and there will be electric cars and lots of classic cars as well.

I'm aiming to write some more blog posts on our solar system and the Nissan Leaf over the next few days.

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