Sunday, October 10, 2010

Netflix in the Cloud

I'm presenting this talk on Thursday at the Cloud Computing Meetup, and again on Nov 3rd at QConSF. So far I have posted a "teaser" summary on slideshare. After QCon I will post the full slide deck [update: combined deck from both talks posted here].

The meetup is the "beta test" of the presentation. It's in Mountain View at "Hacker Dojo", and at the time of writing 437 people have signed up to attend. If everyone turns up it's going to be crazy and over-flowing trying to park and get in, so get there early.... I will focus the meetup talk more on the operational aspects of the cloud architecture, and migration techniques.

At QConSF, the presentation is in the "Architectures you've always wondered about" track, and I will spend more time talking about the software architecture.

Why give these talks? We aren't trying to sell cloud to CIOs, it's all about hiring, we are talking at engineer focused events in the Bay Area. Netflix is growing fast, pathfinding new technologies in the public cloud to support a very agile business model, and is trying to attract the best and brightest people. We use LinkedIn a lot when we search for positions, so feel free to connect to me if you think this could be interesting, or follow @adrianco on Twitter.

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