Monday, January 12, 2009

Solid State Disks - 1 TB in a 2.5 inch announced

Like I said... the next thing for SSD's is to have higher storage capacity in each of the form factors than spinning rust. Here's another step in that direction. SSD's already have disks beaten on all the performance metrics. This one maxes out the SATA interface and does 300MBytes/s transfer rates.

I've also been seeing prices dropping as volumes increase for laptops with SSDs. I think the end of the line for rust will be 2010, as SSD's will no longer have a worse cost/GB and they already have higher capacity and performance.

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  1. Hi Adrian,

    Typo in your last sentence. You are meaning SSD's will have the better cost/GB as well as the performance, right?

    I'd expect until the cost/GB advantage is no longer with the spinning rust, that SSD's would still be niche, but once SSD's are cost effective, i.e. becomes a nissan rather than a ferrari that this will be the point that the rust becomes truly obsolete.

    2010 still seems mightly soon in a down economy!



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