Saturday, May 03, 2008

Usenix 08 - Tutorials and Invited Paper - Boston June 23-27

I'm going to USENIX '08

I'm giving the two tutorials that I have been presenting at CMG the last few years, but at Usenix in Boston. The tutorials are the latest update of my Solaris/Linux performance metrics and tuning class, and Capacity Planning with Free Tools.

I'm also giving an invited speaker talk on Millicomputing, and have a nice big time slot, so will cover both the mobile and enterprise aspects in some depth, with time for discussion.

I hope to see you there...


  1. Mr. Cockcroft,
    I am an editor with and I'm very interested in your Usenix presentations. I'd like to do a interview with you regarding these sessions if you have some time available. Thank you. Matt.

  2. I just read on the Usenix website that there will be a live streaming of the invited talks track of Usenix'08. It's provided by Linux Pro Magazine.

    Usenix Live Streaming


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