Friday, November 16, 2007

Computer Measurement Group - CMG07 - San Diego - December 2-7

As usual I will be presenting at CMG07. I have attended every year since 1994, and its the place where I keep track of new developments in the performance management tools industry, as well as learning and sharing with my peers.

CMG moves around the US, last year it was in Reno NV, before that in Orlando FL.

On Sunday 2nd December there is a workshop day. I'm co-presenting (with Mario Jauvin) a half day tutorial on Capacity Planning and Performance Monitoring with Free Tools (for the third year). We updated our slides a bit more this year to track the latest versions of the free tools.

During the week I'm giving a new paper on Millicomputing, that introduces the concepts I have been discussing on my Millicomputing blog, and talks about some of the management challenges of managing large numbers of small computers.

I'm also giving a half day training class on Unix/Linux Performance Management, which is based on the materials I developed over many years in my books and talks. It is still somewhat biased towards Solaris since I know that better, but I have been adding more on Linux and AIX as that is the world I currently live in at work (Netflix runs RedHat Linux and AIX on IBM P-series) and in my Millicomputing sideline (I run Ubuntu on my development host and linux 2.6 on my gumstix).

The conference contains a wide range of content, there is:
  • a large vendor exhibition showing the latest tools, vendor presentations and user group meetings to talk about their next steps.
  • everything from beginner level introductions to deep mathematical theory.
  • coverage of networking, storage, CPUs, application level performance.
  • discussion of Linux, Solaris, AIX, Windows, Mainframe and all combinations
  • panel discussions on virtualization, service oriented architectures, scaling large sites
I hope to see some of my readers there. I used to give training classes for Sun on a regular basis, and this is now the main venue for me to present updates versions of those classes.

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  1. Adrian,

    Will you be posting some of your performance tuning for Linux ?
    Or at least, a hint of what free tools to look at ?

    I really enjoyed attending the Performance Class you and Richard gave back in February of 2003. It is a shame that Sun lost you both.

    Brent Rohloff


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