Saturday, June 30, 2007

Must. Buy. iPhone. Must. Buy. iPhone....

OK, I give in. Its Apple at their best, insanely great, detailed craftsmanship and "it just works" usability. However I didn't want to get in line at a store, so I logged in to the Apple online store and made sure my one-click ordering was setup right and enabled, and at 6pm when the store re-opened I got my order in as fast as the site would refresh. It was a little slow, but as far as I could tell, the store was up and running and handled the peak load, so some extra congratulations to the team that runs the store. Delivery was stated to be 2-4 weeks, I should be near the front of the queue, so we will see what happens.

What about the open phones? Well, OpenMoko is running late, but is just about to ship developer phones for real, however the version that will have WiFi is their second revision that is months away, and their software is still being developed. However Gumstix are also very close to getting their new "Goliath" phone kit out, and that is a much more flexible design, where I can add WiFi etc. without replacing anything else, and I can wrap my own case design around the 4.3" LCD. The software is rudimentary, but we intend to port the OpenMoko packages to the Gumstix based "myPhone", and tinker with it to do whatever we want. In the meantime, I will soon have a phone that "just works" better than anything else....

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