Sunday, October 08, 2006

CMG06 Conference - Reno December 3-8

As usual I'll be attending the Computer Measurement Group conference in Reno Nevada this December. I've attended every year since 1994, and its the place where I get an update on the state of the art in Performance Management, and get to mingle with my friends and peers who work on Capacity Planning.

This year I'm presenting three times:

  1. Sunday morning 3 hour seminar on Capacity Planning with Free and Bundled Tools. This is a repeat of last years talk, presented jointly with Mario Jauvin, who covers the Windows OS and Networking related areas. I cover Solaris, Linux and the system oriented tools.
  2. Wednesday morning conference paper titled "Utlization is Virtually useless as a Metric!". Regular readers of this blog will recognize much of the content of this paper, which gathers together all the ways in which your measurements can be corrupted by virtualization.
  3. Thursday morning I'm giving a 3 hour training course called the Unix/Linux CMG Quick Start Course, which is part of a new feature for CMG and is based on the training classes in performance tuning that I have given for many years.
Early bird discounted registration is open until October 13th. The sunday seminars are an extra cost item, but the Thursday morning training classes are included in the regular conference fee. This is the only place I'm planning to give public training classes, and since I'm at the conference all week its a great opportunity to discuss performance and capacity issues in person. I hope to see you there...

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