Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tagging Blogger and Technorati | Adrian Cockcroft | 8th March 2006

Blogger doesn't provide an integrated way to tag my postings (as far as I can tell) but at ETech we were advised to tag our blog entries with Etech and Etech06 so I tried to figure this out during one of the less interesting talks (yes I know I should have figured this out ages ago). Despite a slow and intermittent wireless internet connection I found that I could use Technorati to do this by embedding some html in my blog. The frustrating problem I ran into was that Technorati seemed to be completely overloaded and was largely unresponsive. When I did finally get my blog entry tagged I went to Technorati and searched for Etech, and after a long wait it came up with no results at all... I figured I had done something wrong, but late at night the load dropped off and the site now does actually find Etech tags, including my own one. I celebrated by adding "florwax" as a tag, so we will see how that goes...

Another site that seems a victim of its success is Myspace, their music delivery service has become overloaded, so its hit and miss whether you can get any songs to play at the moment.


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  1. Adrian,

    Knowing your heritage I will assume you are a Firefox user. If so try Greasemonkey and one of the Technorati extensions for Blogger. A reasonable description of this seems to be located at:

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,



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