Friday, June 22, 2007

Jobs at Netflix: Capacity/Performance and Storage Admin

Netflix is a great company to work for, there are lots of clever friendly and happy people here.
I just hired an engineer for my own group, but we have a lot more openings:

We are looking for a performance and scalability oriented Java/Oracle developer
Senior Performance and Scalability Engineer

My good friend Ed Wustenhof just joined Netflix to manage the System Administrator group, he's got two open positions, a storage oriented one:

Sr Unix Administrator - Storage Focus

and a Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning one that I've copied the full info for below.

Senior Unix Administrator - Capacity Planning & Performance Tuning


Design, Plan, Deploy and Support all aspects of Netflix's server and storage environment with a focus on Performance Tuning & Capacity Planning.

The SA team at Netflix is a crucial component to the success of the day to day operations of the company. We are a highly motivated and capable team that is seeking a new member that can take a key role in the provisioning and support of our unix/linux servers while ensuring performance stays within thresholds.

Being the second line of support and subject matter expert, you will take individual responsibility for resolving system, storage and application issues reported via the Netflix Operations Center. You will be expected to resolve tactical issues while providing structural solutions. Your area of expertise is performance tuning and capacity planning.

Part of the position will require travel to and from the data center (15-20min or ~10 miles), sometimes multiple times/week. On-call responsibilities, night and weekend projects are also to be expected.

The candidate will often be the technical lead on short term projects. They will be the Subject Matter Expert with its associated responsibility. Some level of project planning and coordination of resources is to be expected. This includes vendor and contractor coordination.

We are looking for someone with the following technical experience:
•Deep experience of Unix with at least one of the following operating systems: AIX, Linux or Solaris.
•Expert in capacity planning and performance tuning.
•Strong experience in web based environments and supporting such architectures such as Java, Tomcat, Apache and other web applications.
•Knowledge of IBM enterprise/midrange systems and storage virtualization is a plus.
•Strong coordination and analytic skills.
•Project planning experience and the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
•10+ years IT experience with at least 8 years as System Administrator.
•BS or MS degree in Computer science or equivalent experience.

Exposure to the following highly desirable:
•Experience with Symantec/Veritas product like VxVM and Netbackup
•Strong expertise with SAN-based storage/application required.
•Large Scale (5Tbyte +) Storage solutions deployment experience.
•Unix shell and Perl programming.

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