Monday, October 30, 2006

Bloglines, OPML, Blogger and Flock

I aggregate 50 or so blog feeds using Bloglines, its a very useful way to keep track of infrequent blogs in particular, and it strips off the adverts and other decoration from the power bloggers.

I just did some tidying up of my blog list, exported it in OPML format and uploaded it to

This is an interesting way to contribute to the "Top 100" blogs list on that site, and it also has some useful features like seeing who else reads the same blogs, and who has the most similar list of blogs.

I seem to have added to the "long tail" since many of the blogs I read were new to the site, so I'm the only reader. My blog had one other reader "Ian" (hello!) who has a very long list of blogs, that I may poke around in if I get some free time...

Meanwhile, Flock is working well as my cross-platform browser. I'm writing blog entries with it, although I did lose an entry I was writing a week or so ago, when I upgraded Flock and didn't save an almost complete entry first. The new version of Flock appears to automatically save entries every few minutes, but I hate re-writing things, so that entry may not be re-created for a while.

Flock seems to have some issues writing entries to at the moment. I'm not using the updated, but Flock fails to write the blog entry most of the time, then randomly works. I gave up and used cut and paste to post this entry directly....

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